~Skydiving for the dumb


exploring the emotions one should feel when eternally falling through clouds, fearless yet surrendered to a placid spiral of vertigo. serenely allowing the gravity to pull you down, it finds its roots on skydiving gear and protective outwear garments taken to a highly witty approach. it is a collection designed to interact with the air, emphasizing the usual reaction of the garments of expanding with the opposing forces of air.

machine embroidery patterns and outwear gear are merged allowing for a unique exploration of traditional skydiving gear, resulting in a set of pieces with fluid movements and patterns that seek to express the whimsicality of diving into the sky. the combination of resistant fabrics with the delicacy of intricate details challenges the usual perception of the rudeness of outwear.

dreamy and dark accents of blues and purples, hints of pink and yellow, the white of the clouds and a hint of silver enhance the feeling of voidness of the sky at its darkest right before the night. voluminous silhouettes express the freedom of parachutes dancing among clouds, contrasted with less loose figures inspired on skydiving gear. All the elements are loose and free to move.

~line up


~lookbook by Javier Portero




~photos by Pedro Ortiz